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Web server with htaccess support.

Install PHP-FPM.

Allows installing multiple PHP versions.

Lightweight, minimalist and secure FTP server.

Advanced, modular FTP server that supports LDAP.

Custom DNS name server.

Fork of MySQL with additional features and improvements.

Open-source database system.

Open-source database system.

Allows sending emails from webmail or via SMTP.

Receive emails and connect with email clients via IMAP/POP3.

Manage your own custom email filters.

Scans your email inbox for viruses.

Filter out spam emails from your inbox.

Manage your firewall within Hestia.

Provides Bruteforce protection for SSH, Email, FTP, database.

Use hard disk space limits on user packages.

Activate API.

Interactive install.

Force installation.

Based on: @gabizz and @turbopixel

Released under the GPLv3 License.